Blue Sky Medical Supply, a division of Blue Sky Global Distribution CY LTD (HE 347316)  supplies a range of diagnostic test kits, medical equipment and testing devices. Our future products will include a full range of Mens health supplements and diagnostic testing devices that will improve men’s approach to a range of commonly known ailments.

Through our commitment to innovation, we continue to introduce new products, technologies and supplements that redefine the standard for the industry. Combining our resources, reduces the costs that we are then able to pass onto our customers that will bring both savings and improved healthcare.

Our customers include retailers, wholselaers, general public, governements and the list goes on. Across the globe and our name is synonymous with reliable, efficient and cost effective products and services.

Blue Sky Medical Supply has put focus on the customer and the need to provide uncompromised service and reliability. As a company (Blue Sky Global Distribution CY LTD) we have lived through and continue to grow by listening and understanding the industries requirements and the individual needs of every customer.

The benefits of this continue today, and alongside the experience and knowledge that over 20 years in the industry bring, Blue Sky has built and maintains a strong relationship with all the major suppliers and continue to forge new partnerships in the interests of our customers needs.

Focus on uncompromised quality and safety solutions, is what makes us at Blue Sky a business partner of choice for both customers and suppliers.