9 Panel Oral Fluid Saliva Drug Test Device, which is a lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay that can be used for the simultaneous, qualitative detection of multiple drug metabolites at specific cut off levels in human saliva.

Quick Details

Type:Pathological Analysis Equipment
Instrument classification:Class III
Certification:FDA/ ISO /CE
Result Time:5-10 min
Storage:2°C – 30°C
Packing:1 pc / pouch
Format / MaterialCube / Medical Grade ABS Plastic

Assay Format

Number of Targets Detected:9
Species Detected:Human
SpecimenOral Fluid (Saliva)
Method of Detection:Colloidal Gold Rapid Test
Quantitative / Semi-Quantitative:Qualitative
Solid Support:Lateral Flow


This test detects combinations of the following drugs at the concentrations listed below:

NameCalibrateCut-off (ng/mL)
 MET / mAMPMethamphetamine50

Suitable uses of this multi panel oral drug test:

Maritime – IMO Requirements

Rehabilitation Centres.

Random employment testing in the workplace.

Reasonable suspicion drug testing.

Random drug testing in schools or youth organizations.

For probation situations and or inmates in law enforcement facilities.

The Multi-Panel Saliva Drug Screen Test cup have following features:

  • Very clear results with easy to read lines!
  • Non-invasive saliva testing drug testing kit
  • User friendly collection system
  • Test, anywhere, anytime with this easy to use device
  • Fast accurate drug tests in minutes
  • Excellent for business drug testing.