Drug and Substance abuse is spiraling out of control across the globe, leading to countless social economic problems and senseless death to both users and persons who as an indirect result of the substance abuse in the form of fatal accidents. Blue Sky Medical Supply through Blue Sky Global Distribution CY LTD imports CE and ISO certified saliva drug test kits that are easy to use and more important, clinically accurate.

Traditional drug screening involves time-consuming and costly external contractors, often meaning individuals can predict when a test is due and therefore are able to avoid detection.

Who invests in the Saliva Drug Test Kit?

  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Medical Professionals
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Public Transport Operators
  • Aviation, Maritime and Land Transport Companies
  • Concerned and Responsible Parents

*The list of who invests in the ESO Saliva Drug Test Kits is endless.

Why Invest in the ESO Saliva Drug Test Kit?

The best way to stop substance abuse is to prevent the start of it in the first place. Individuals both young and old can be deterred and even stopped from using illegal substances if they know that at any time they could be tested for illegal substances.

ESO Saliva Drug Test Kits are THE ULTIMATE DETERRENT! Where individuals can be tested anywhere, at any time and on anyone!

What you need is true random testing, available on-the-spot at any time – whether at work, home or in the streets. Curbing substance abuse can only be done when society in its entirety is actively involved.